For years, XINKONG USA Inc has provided quality and revolutionary top-of-the-line auto garage equipment and tools for large and small commercial auto shops, car collectors, fleet service managers and car enthusiasts alike. This private label production allowed XINKONG USA Inc to quietly grow to one of the largest providers of auto repair equipment globally year after year. 


After opening the doors to the new 300,000 sq-ft U.S. headquarters in McKinney, Tx, XINKONG USA Inc has become a major auto repair equipment supplier through quality products and superior support. 

XINKONG USA Inc has become a global auto repair equipment leader, providing the industry with innovative products. More than 250 dealers nationwide and hundreds of retail outlets proudly sell XINKONG branded auto repair equipment. 


At XINKONG USA Inc, we are dedicated to delivering a complete line of unique and versatile auto repair equipment, with a common focus of surpassing industry expectations. Our mission is to fuel enthusiasts worldwide with innovative products that propel the industry. We make more than justauto repair equipment, we make auto repair experiences that will last a lifetime.